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Girls were in the very beginning... That's true! Because Beauty was the first, after Feminity joined her, and the youngest and soulful in this happy company was Passion. Finally they were completed by Poise. And we are pretty sure about that because we are watching the world around us in a great fascination.


We are the team who are in love with gracefulness, naturalness and elegance of small ladies. They create the atmosphere of love only with their smile. And this love is full of colors: funny, happy, tender, sensitive, open, emotional - reall love full of life.


…We were looking for something exceptional. And we've got it! That's why today we propose to our customers only those dresses we give to our small princesses. We tailor magic dresses! Each of them have before-production testing: first we try our dresses on, use them during some time and only after we put it in the production.


In that way we are creating our collection of dresses and accessories The Poise: our dresses, skirts, coats and jackets for girls are created, sewed, sold and even packed with our strong convinction and belief - every girl is born to be beautiful. That's her true calling.


And in our dresses it's so easy - to be beautiful in any moment of the life: playing on the playground, going to school, making new friends or visiting serious official events. Small princess can fanny around and celebrate, dream, read, be happy with the world arount you and with yourself. With The Poise everything is possible! Dance on pointe of your feminity. Keep the poise of your soul. Shine with your inner light and give the warmness of your beauty to this world. Because girls were in the very beginning!